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My grandfather was a missionary from North Korea, which I believe has an impact on my work to this day.

During college I worked at Nuclear power plant. Currently living and working in Los Angeles, CA. 

Art work can be seen on "Workaholics" television show and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Art Merchandise by Ray Young Chu licensed for prints, apparel, electronics and reusable toilet paper.

If you want to know more of my history and a little bit about me. Go HERE to a podcast interview conducted by Eric Nakamura (Giant Robot) and Daniel Rolnik (Daniel Rolnik Gallery). Or Listen here:




NOTE: Almost 3 hours total. The first 40 minutes is me sharing about some of my history, merchandise and alternative spaces. The 2nd hour is about celebrities and the fleshlight. The last hour is current events and questions. Rated: PG-13-13.5



The Yummies: Art and Peanut Butter. The Yummies is an art collective about the simple joys of life or what we like to call "Peanut Butter". Sometimes it can be crunchy, gooey, spicey or citrusy. This is what life is filled with and The Yummies enjoy doing art about it.



A place to find all things glorious for a very desirable lifestyle you only see in your imagination. We sell everything from books, bugs, butter knives, alien boogars and semi rare items like dinosaur bones.

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