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Ray-Mart is numbered chronologically. Each one is a living art sculpture based on the location and theme. It organically changes as people enter into the installation. Customers get the emotions, smells, tastes, sounds and visual realities of each Ray-Mart. 

To describe Ray-Mart, it is like a North meets South Korean swap meet mixed with a Christian Thrift and bong store found in space, for aliens. Every single item is for sale including the shelfs and for "the right price, not the cheapest price" you can purchase the whole installation. It's not a convenient store but rather an inconvenient store. There may be many questions. They may or may not be answered. 


Ray Young Chu started selling his collectibles online in 2010 as Ray-Mart. In December 2016 the first physical inception was born. Each Ray-Mart is numbered chronologically not by theme or location.

#01RAYMART: Table Stand. Super Chief Gallery popup at Platform in Culver City, CA. 2016-December 15. 

#01bRAYMART: Wall with Sign and Product. The Hive Gallery, downtown Los Angeles, CA. 2017-May

#02RAYMART: Wall with Lightbox Sign and Product. Bloodygums Room at Super Chief Gallery 5 Year Anniversary, Skid Row, Los Angeles, CA. 2017-June 03. 

#03RAYMART: Outdoor Table Stand. Deladeso's "Meet Grimey" Infinity Room at Delicious Pizza, West Adams, Los AngelesCA. 2017-July 01.

#04RAYMART: Wall Display. Deladeso's "Grimey's Room" at Leimin Space, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA. 2017 July 15.

#05RAYMART: 300 SF Store. Drinkin' Smokin' Westcoastin' at Thinktank Gallery, Garment District Downtown, Los Angeles, CA. 2017 August 19th - September 23rd.

#06RAYMART: 300 SF. Theme: Dinodick. Dateline Art Space, Rhino District, Denver, CO. 2017, October 06. First opening for Denver but got canceled three days before opening due to illness of director.  

#07RAYMART: 4000 SF Theme: Halloween Edition. The Temple in PlatteForum, Five Points, Denver, CO. 2017, October 13. Included Birdy Magazine, Mark Bueno, Harrison Nealy, Jared David Paul and Delton Demarest.  

#08RAYMART: Undisclosed location.

#09RAYMART: 200 SF. Theme: Eddie Torres' Room. Black Dahlia House, Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA. 2017, October 31. 


LA Weekly
Horror Buzz
Birdy Magazine 


"I Betcha' Got it At Ray-Mart!" - @Abars from @BloodyGums Collective.  

"You can get lifted in Ray-Mart, but don't lift in Ray-Mart." - Jacob Patterson of Thinktank Gallery

Regarding #05Raymart: "One of the installations comes from Korean-American artist Ray Young Chu. The surreal street artist has built a full-scale version of a Korean liquor store from 1992, but replete with satire and extra-terrestrial influence (he has appropriately dubbed the piece "Ray-Mart")." - Annie Lloyd for LAist

Korean-American artist Ray Young Chu’s Ray-Mart installation is a satirical re-creation of a Korean liquor store, filled with a bizarre array of found objects... - Ethan Varian for LA Weekly

"It's Glitchy!" - Carlos Ramirez

"It's an Inconvenience Store." - I Forget Their Name

"It's like a store for aliens but selling items for humans." - Wesley @ABluerDonJuan

"It's a Human Gift Shop!" - B 

"Its a bootleg of a bootleg!" - Randal Kirk II

"Ray-Mart taught me to follow the light inside the darkness and turn it off because it's wasteful." - @deladeso

"It's a store inside a store" - CM

"It's like entering into a Plot Line!" - Jed

"Give it away, give it away, give it away now" - @Abars of @BloodyGums

"Give it away, give it away, give it away now...With some purchases at Ray-Mart." - revised by Ray

"Give it to Ray, Give it to Ray, Give it to Ray Now" - revised by Dino Nama

"Reminds me of a Bushwick NY Bodega on Ray Standard Time (RST)" - HotDana

"The wall of Ray-Mart" - HotDana but revised by Ray

"Have a great life at Ray-Mart" - Coby Ashpis, Lead Demonstrator Engineer at Ray-Mart

"It's Dada Capitalism." - Caspar Sonnet

"It's just a collection of thrift store stuff right?" - Courtney Stelle 







Contact Details: Ray Young Chu, info@RayYoungChu.com
Social: @RayYoungChu / @StartYourCartwithRayMart