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Cat in the Hat Trick

Cat in the Hat Trick


Dolphins in background with day moon and flying birds. In the foreground we see Grandma Jill enjoying her crystaly greens enjoying a coveted meal to talk about life with Grandpa Bill. He had to show her the "Cat in the Hat Trick". Grandma Jill was a little surprised as Grandpa Bill usually does a puppet routine. Little does she know that he has little humans helping him out in his life. Have fun in life and forgive others and be forgiven.

Smaller higher quality print (8.5 x 11" full bleed) or poster print (18 x 24" full bleed). Can be purchased framed as well.

The print is a replica of the original acrylic / watercolor painting. Prints are all printed on archival acid free heavyweight watercolor type paper using archival ink. All prints are shipped and packed in a clear cello sleeve with cardboard to avoid bending in transit. Posters are carefully rolled up. If framed, the art is shipped in frame ready to put up for you and your grandmother's best friends' desire. Oh joy.