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Butt Runner

Butt Runner


Originally for a show featured at The Hive gallery Los Angeles in July, 2016 with the theme Blade Runner. If I were to make a porno spoof if would be called "Butt Runner" where all Deckard has to manage Butt Running all the loose replicants. He struggles as his true love is Rachel. 

Smaller higher quality print (8.5 x 11") or large print (18 x 24" full bleed). Can be purchased framed as well.

The print is a replica of the original acrylic / watercolor painting. Prints are all printed on archival acid free heavyweight watercolor type paper using archival ink. All prints are shipped and packed in a clear cello sleeve with cardboard to avoid bending in transit. Posters are carefully rolled up. If framed, the art is shipped in frame ready to put up for you and your grandmother's best friends' desire. Oh joy.