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Stay Positive People It Snot a Competition

Stay Positive People It Snot a Competition


Life can be challenging especially when living amongst others that don't look like you; don't think like you; don't feel like you; don't communicate like you; and are not even 91% identical to you. Cheer up though Bob and Jill, we are all unique with our own issues and problems and there are millions out there that need your smile, encouraging words or just to say "Hi _____ (their name here)". It snot a competition between what team you are part of but to help each other try to have a good life.

In this painting, this outsider alien robot is reminding us to keep on our journey experiencing this world with our own senses, history, background and unique odors.  

Original Information: 
"Stay Positive People It Snot a Competition"
9 x 12"
Oil & Acrylic on Paper
By Ray Young Chu


- Smaller higher quality print (8.5 x 11" some times with 1/4" border)  
- Poster print (18 x 24" full bleed).
Can be purchased framed as well.

The print is a replica of the original painting. Prints are all printed on archival acid free heavyweight watercolor type paper using archival ink. All prints are shipped and packed in a clear cello sleeve with cardboard to avoid bending in transit. Posters are carefully rolled up. If framed, the art is shipped in frame ready to put up for you and your grandmother's best friends' desire. They will want to put it on their face.